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How good to hear from Favaag again!

The only observation I can lend to your essay is that it reminds me of a wise adage but I can’t remember who the author was. To wit: the actions of any organization can best be predicted by assuming it to be run by a secret cabal of it’s enemies.

The Democrats are really trying to give this issue "legs", but if you’ve been around the market any, you have also seen the demise of a bevy of hither-to stalwarts of industry. LILCO, Continental Illinois and Commodore International come to mind. Curiously enough, I owned all of these when they went "off the board". Lost a small fortune. I never thought to take it out on the politicians in office. Maybe this can be a new cottage industry. Patterned after the new book thats out: You’re Fat, Who Do You Sue? It’s becoming a Democrat world.

Other thoughts: There’s a lot of ink (electrons?) spilled recently on immigration policy and enforcement. I have some thoughts. I have been looking around at "entry level" type jobs (drying off cars at car-washes, mowing lawns, busing tables in Diners, etc.). I expect there’s a tremendous amount more in other areas of the country (picking crops, basic carpentry, working the kitchens of restaurants, etc.). For the most part these are Hispanic men and women, who only want to get jobs to keep their families in clothes and shelter. They work hard and are outstanding people. I would hate to see an immigration backlash hurt these people. I would like to see an immigration program to locate and identify all muslims who are here illegally. That so many, tens of thousands, have attended terrorist education camps in the former Taliban Afghanistan speaks volumes of why they are here.

As to our actions to them I say: Locate, Interrogate and Re-locate! My goodness, I just made a Jessieism!

Another question on the table is if Social Security recipients should be allowed to spend their benefits outside the country. I say: sure, that should take pressure off cost of living increases to benefit receivers. But I also believe in reciprocity. If the country in question permits their retirees to live in the US, we should reciprocate.

This serves as a loose nexus to my next topic, the "World Economic Conference" recently hosted in NYC. Apparently the majority of speakers, American as well as others, spent their time bad-mouthing America. Apparently the rich can easily assuaged their guilt by issuing a few press releases on a yearly basis on why America is bad and etc. Pathetic. Particularly so when Bill Gates can, with all seriousness, get up to the podium to warn how tilting the table to American benefit in economic dealings will anger the third world. Bill Gates moralizing on fairness! I could not be more shocked if Bill Clinton had intoned on marital fidelity!

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