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Consumer Choice: Everything but Health Care

Americans are far from stupid and they enjoy economic freedom (free choice) far greater than any other nation. In nearly all sectors of the market the consumer is king. The average American family makes thousands of economic decisions each year. [...]

Government Intervention in the Market Place

Throughout history the genius of Adam Smith’s invisible hand has provided a rising standard of living in the free world. In the United States our native creativity and risk taking have driven costs down, provided conveniences that were [...]

Anthrax Crook

The latest open secret in America is that the FBI has identified a suspect in the release of anthrax last fall. Just a few short weeks ago some lady who carries bio weapons water for the left let some students at Princeton in on this "secret". [...]

Principles, Compromise and Focus

Can the Bush Administration walk and chew gum at the same time? The current word on the street is that the administration is hell bent on signing bills to take issues off the table in preparation for the fall elections. This organizing principle [...]

The use of nuclear weapons in the war against terrorism

"I fear the world will jump to the wrong conclusion that because I am in Atlanta the work is done. Far from it. We must kill three hundred thousand I have told you of so often, and the further they run the harder for us to get them." [...]

Sherman, War, Hell and Terrorism

General Sherman is one of those politically incorrect historical figures who remind us that when the stakes are high, plain speaking is one of the greatest contributions that can be made by a leader. Sherman of Ohio, Grant of Illinois and Lincoln [...]

War is Hell

Maybe I have been drinking too much liberal tea lately, but I have become a little testy about comparisons between the war on terrorism and the War Between the States. I know you did not intend your latest essay to be disrespectful to the South [...]

Oh Really, O’Reilley?

Tuesday evening Bill O’Reilley, famous for afflicting the comfortable, came down four square for the conventional wisdom on airline security. I don’t doubt his sincerity or concern but his pugnacious insistence on attacking airline [...]

That 70′s Show

Senator Hillary (NLN) has a ringside seat for today’s testimony of Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan. Not content to do what freshmen Senators traditionally do (sit down, shut up and learn sumpin) she has taken this opportunity to burnish the [...]

Taking it with you when you go

No, this isn’t a metaphysical essay about laying up treasures on Earth vs. in heaven. What I want to discuss is very much a contemporary issue. Many immigrants come to the United States, work here, pay taxes and Social Security and generally [...]