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The Noses Knows

I’ve been sniffing around the editorial pages of various newspapers looking for a trend. Despite the bazillions of news and opinion outlets one thing you can count on is that the conventional wisdom does not reflect reality in fly over [...]

Campaign Finance Reform and Legislative Responsibility

If there is any group institutionally incapable of legislating campaign finance reform it is the US Congress. Each and every individual member proclaims that they are not corrupt but the system must be changed to prevent corruption. The melange [...]

A Tale of Two Republics. Why Policy is Too Important to Leave to Politicians?

Two republics exist side by side in parallel universes. The Republic of Confusia and the Republic of Practica. Coincidentally both republics suffered a grievous massacre of civilians on a certain day in September. The Story of Confusi Confusia [...]

Why sorrowful at Bush?

It am saddened that today I must veto legislation passed in Congress to reform how we finance our election campaigns. During my own campaign I outlined several principles that I believed are essential to restore public confidence in how we, [...]

How resignations work these days

The 20th Amendment was adopted in 1933 and addresses the possibility of an absent president elect with only a little bit of confusion. Section 3 says, "If, at the time for the beginning of the term of the President, the President elect [...]

Ever hear of David Horowitz?

He has become famous amongst conservatives for taking on the radical left. David Horowitz’s parents were both dedicated communists. It isn’t surprising he was once a liberal activist like Jane Fonda. He joined the Black Panthers [...]

Making Lemonade

Fate has dealt some unexpected challenges to George W. Bush. Just 14 months ago he was elected President in what will be one of the most controversial elections in the history of the nation. For sheer excitement the only election that comes [...]

Connecting Them Dots

What’s good for the NAACP is good for their clientele. Ask anyone who "speaks" for black Americans and you’ll get a standard list of organizations and personalities. Now it’s not like there was ever a vote or popular [...]

This short essay has no pretext of being an intellectual argument

It is primarily a rant. Thanks in advance for your indulgence. President Bush has been enjoying a lengthy run as a very admired leader. Deservedly. Gray 6 yesterday made a good argument that the President should husband his considerable political [...]
Robert Byrd

Politics Starts at the Budget’s Edge

Noted military hero and strategist Senator Tom Daschle fired his opening salvo in the Democratic critique of America’s war against terrorists. The South Dakota Democrat told reporters that while the campaign against terror has been successful [...]