The Reach of the First Amendment

It is times and issues like this where I feel I’m in a fairy tale where I point out that the emperor is wearing no clothes, and a nanny will shush me with, "Hush, little boy, everybody else thinks the emperor is wearing clothes, so [...]

Political Strategy for 1942

Senator Vandenberg: We at C,V, B and A believe that 1942 could be a breakthrough year for the Republican Party. Our polling and focus group analysis has provided tempting indications that an undercurrent of dissatisfaction exists in the American [...]

The State of the Union: Has Never Been Stronger

George W. Bush did a fine job last night with his first State of the Union message. Since I spent a good deal of time reading and digesting the opinion’s of others I won’t risk sounding derivative by giving him a grade or describing [...]

A Few Last Comments on Bush and CFR

George Washington, the first President of the United States, and the man who presided over the Constitutional Convention, was very mindful of the express powers delegated to the Chief Executive. Lest we forget the atmosphere of those early days, [...]

How good to hear from Favaag again!

The only observation I can lend to your essay is that it reminds me of a wise adage but I can’t remember who the author was. To wit: the actions of any organization can best be predicted by assuming it to be run by a secret cabal of it’s [...]

Taking it with you when you go

No, this isn’t a metaphysical essay about laying up treasures on Earth vs. in heaven. What I want to discuss is very much a contemporary issue. Many immigrants come to the United States, work here, pay taxes and Social Security and generally [...]

The Peace Dividend

I was struck by two statements made on consecutive days by Bush and Rumsfeld. The first was Bush’s call in his speech for a defense spending increase of $40 billion. It echoed two great American declarations, the statement attributed to [...]