Sherman, War, Hell and Terrorism

General Sherman is one of those politically incorrect historical figures who remind us that when the stakes are high, plain speaking is one of the greatest contributions that can be made by a leader. Sherman of Ohio, Grant of Illinois and Lincoln [...]

War is Hell

Maybe I have been drinking too much liberal tea lately, but I have become a little testy about comparisons between the war on terrorism and the War Between the States. I know you did not intend your latest essay to be disrespectful to the South [...]

How’s the weather in San Diego?

It’s been many, many, years since I’ve been stationed San Diego. I’m sure I wouldn’t recognize the place now. Of course I can say that for Newport News too where your ride just came from. I hope you were able to enjoy [...]

Inching Toward Socialism

"It is difficult to understand the long-range implications of current events. This is to say, it is difficult to know whether a current event is part of a historical sidetrack, a cultural fad or a mainstream trend. Smart people have called [...]

An incident at Tripps Pond

I am in full sympathy with your observations, including your doubts about the utility of increased airport "security." You may not even be willing to go as far as I do: I would eliminate laws requiring safety helmets on children riding [...]

Oh Really, O’Reilley?

Tuesday evening Bill O’Reilley, famous for afflicting the comfortable, came down four square for the conventional wisdom on airline security. I don’t doubt his sincerity or concern but his pugnacious insistence on attacking airline [...]

Hockey Junta

I’m not a fan of fighting in hockey, but I think you would be mistaken to assume that I’m for the wussification of the sport. Before I even became a teenager, I had two hockey injuries under my belt: six stitches above my right eyebrow [...]

That 70′s Show

Senator Hillary (NLN) has a ringside seat for today’s testimony of Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan. Not content to do what freshmen Senators traditionally do (sit down, shut up and learn sumpin) she has taken this opportunity to burnish the [...]

The Reach of the First Amendment

It is times and issues like this where I feel I’m in a fairy tale where I point out that the emperor is wearing no clothes, and a nanny will shush me with, "Hush, little boy, everybody else thinks the emperor is wearing clothes, so [...]

Political Strategy for 1942

Senator Vandenberg: We at C,V, B and A believe that 1942 could be a breakthrough year for the Republican Party. Our polling and focus group analysis has provided tempting indications that an undercurrent of dissatisfaction exists in the American [...]