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Ever hear of David Horowitz?

He has become famous amongst conservatives for taking on the radical left. David Horowitz’s parents were both dedicated communists. It isn’t surprising he was once a liberal activist like Jane Fonda. He joined the Black Panthers and led raucous protests against the Vietnam war while a student at the University of California, Berkeley (Berserkley).

Eventually, Horowitz reasoned his way out of the ideological thicket in which his mind and soul had been ensnared and wrote a book, "Radical Son," which details why and how he freed himself. What once was said of ex-communist Whittaker Chambers is also true of Horowitz: "He did not return from hell empty-handed." The point is that Horowitz understands the radical left and has become a fellow warrior fighting against it.

Not long ago he attempted to place an ad in several college newspapers presenting "Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Blacks is a Bad Idea for Blacks — and Racist Too." Although the ad was well reasoned and factually based, most college papers wouldn’t print it, and those few who did were harassed and threatened into apologizing for doing so. However, Horowitz made his point that free speech is not alive and well on American campuses. The First Amendment right to free speech does not apply to that which liberal intellectuals do not wish to hear. In today’s America, school campuses are dangerous places to express opinions contrary to Liberal Dogma. Even professors must not utter conservative blasphemy. And they can forget about doing research which might prove liberal tenets incorrect. Liberal doctrine does not permit scientific challenge of liberal creeds about race, religion, sexual orientation nor politics.

What is true on campus is also true throughout our society. You are only free to say whatever you want so long as it is "politically correct" and passes muster with the liberal establishment. For example, the legitimacy of homosexuality may not be challenged. If one dares suggest a male lusting after another male is not be as American as apple pie, or as natural as Springtime, one is a homophobe. The issue is not open for discussion despite Scientific revelation to the contrary. Race, quotas and affirmative action are also off-limits. If someone politely offers the opinion that merit rather than color or sex be the basis for decisions on employment, pay, promotion and admission to universities, they have immediately identified themselves as a white-sheeted, racist bigots.

And if a man wonders out loud that maybe husbands should have some rights where abortion is concerned, he is a chauvinist brute who doesn’t understand what it means to be a woman. Until I heard so many women take that position, I never dreamed so many women believed in Immaculate Conception. Frankly, I have real reservations about sending children to government schools, places arrogant enough to tell the Creator of the universe to keep out — but I should not say so out loud for fear of being labeled an ignorant, religious fanatic.

Then, there is welfare reform, which liberals say is a code term used to attack minorities and foster racial hatred. Liberal politicians don’t want any messing around with the system they have perfected for keeping poor people poor, dependent and Democrats. Finally, mentioning immigration policies makes you an obviously compassionless racist. Never mind that we’ve lost control of our borders and that millions of unskilled and destitute illegals in states like California, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona have swamped and degraded the schools, jails, hospitals and welfare system.

Now, there is also a fraudulent move called Political Campaign Reform. This is a blatant attempt to silence free speech of selective groups by severely limiting the amounts of the life-blood of electioneering that Politicians can receive through contributions. Liberals already control the campuses and the media but now want to ensure no one can get their opinions aired nor any information contrary to their dogma published. Unconstitutionality doesn’t bother liberal elitists.

The massive Liberal campaign of indoctrination and intimidation has been successful. Voices of dissent are silent. Saying something liberals don’t like makes you guilty of hate speech. People live in dread liberal inquisitors will hound them into submission and ruin their reputations and careers if they utter a forbidden word or express an ideologically incorrect idea. This is classic censorship. Pavlov’s dogs were free agents by comparison.

Horowitz exposed the cowardice of liberal leaders, Political, Societal, and Media. He expressed truth they are too cowardly to tell, the truth that the call for slavery reparations is founded upon the fraudulent idea of group guilt and group victimhood based on skin color, which is the ultimate form of stereotyping or racial profiling. Free speech is under assault in America. Liberals lead the attack.

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