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Olympic Robbery

I have no clue as to the standards by which the judges scored the Olympic Pairs Skaters, but it obviously was not based on the skill of the athletes. It is clear to me that the Canadians were far superior to the Russians, and that the Chinese [...]

Incident on a frozen pond

" … I cannot deny my past to which my self is wed, The woven figure cannot undo its thread." Louis MacNeice Just before noon on New Year’s Eve, I decided to join my father and my nephew and niece for an afternoon of ice-skating. [...]

Some Quick Comments

Controlling the Overhead In business, one learns very early that overhead can drain profits faster than politicians can drain the US Treasury. In a breathless report I saw the other day our airline security system was faulted because in the [...]

How’s the weather in San Diego?

It’s been many, many, years since I’ve been stationed San Diego. I’m sure I wouldn’t recognize the place now. Of course I can say that for Newport News too where your ride just came from. I hope you were able to enjoy [...]

An incident at Tripps Pond

I am in full sympathy with your observations, including your doubts about the utility of increased airport "security." You may not even be willing to go as far as I do: I would eliminate laws requiring safety helmets on children riding [...]

Hockey Junta

I’m not a fan of fighting in hockey, but I think you would be mistaken to assume that I’m for the wussification of the sport. Before I even became a teenager, I had two hockey injuries under my belt: six stitches above my right eyebrow [...]